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For those who care about driving, few experiences in life can match the joy of cruising your favorite roads in a well-loved classic car. Vintage machines have lived full lives and that history comes with character and quirks worthy of celebration.

If you’re looking for a special experience that brings back memories and puts a smile on your face, book a classic car rental alternative nearby on Turo.

Classic & vintage cars

Get the classic car experience without the duties of ownership.

Wedding getaway car

The most special day in your life demands an equally special getaway vehicle to help cap off the night. Find a timeless classic or vintage car on Turo to use as your wedding car and make your big day as memorable as possible.

Photoshoot time

If you’ve got a work, art, or personal project and need an attractive car to provide that perfect backdrop, book an affordable classic car rental alternative that perfectly fits the vibe you’re going for. Or, find one just to spice up your Instagram feed.

Treat yo’ self

Give yourself the gift of vintage motoring and book a classic car for your next birthday, anniversary, or celebration-worthy occasion. You’ll look and feel as dapper and stylish as you really are.

Popular classic car models

Classic and vintage vehicles that make people stop and look

Ford Mustang

Driving an early Ford Mustang is maybe the best way to get the most classic American look on the road. The iconic Mustangs from the 1960s are beautiful, stylish, and universally appreciated.

Chevrolet Corvette

America’s sports car has a long history of excellence and attitude. You can find classic Chevy Corvettes from all decades on Turo to satisfy your nostalgia cravings and replay the escapades of your wilder days.

Porsche 911

The Porsche 911 is the classic sports car with an iconic and unwavering design and feel. Whether your favorite vintage 911 generation is the Porsche 930, 963, or 993, you can find a throwback P-car on Turo that really revs your engine.

Average ratings for classic cars on Turo (4.9 stars)

Porsche 356A Speedster 1957
Adrian's Porshe Speedster was an awesome car to drive and a privelage. My brother chose the car to use as for his wedding but I benefited the most in my opinion as the driver.
Anthony D. - August 3, 2019
Porsche 356A Speedster 1957
This vehicle was perfect for our time in San Francisco. It was a blast to drive and I think passerby’s took more pics than we did. Adrien maintained a great line of communication through the process.
Socrates V. - September 8, 2019
Porsche 356A Speedster 1957
Wrestling this car through city traffic wasn’t much fun but it was all worthwhile one we got on the 1 South. This car will be the most memorable part of our trip to San Francisco!
Kristopher H. - September 6, 2019
Porsche 356A Speedster 1957
We had such a wonderful time. The car was beautiful! A blast to drive. Gets a lot of attention. Adrian was great. Quick response and accommodating. Would definitely rent again.
Peter G. - March 31, 2019
Porsche 356A Speedster 1957
This was hands down the best Turo experience I've had, both in terms of communication, expectation setting, and car experience. It's clear that Adrien really cars about this car and also wants to share it with the world. The awesome garage doesn't hurt either :) Driving in the daytime is recommended since it can get cold, otherwise you may want to pack some gloves.
Charles V. - April 15, 2019
Porsche 356A Speedster 1957
Great communication! Beautiful car which runs like a top. Adrien is very easy to work with. Highly recommend.
Olin W. - May 27, 2019
Porsche 356A Speedster 1957
The car is as advertised and an amazing experience. You will get a lot of looks and a fun driving experience. Adrien was very easy to work with. Always very quick to respond to questions.
Drew H. - June 10, 2019
Porsche 356A Speedster 1957
Adrien was so fast to respond and super helpful, and his Porsche is absolutely gorgeous and fun to drive! We took it up to Napa and explored the countryside while constantly turning heads wherever we went. Definitely recommend!!!
Shelby H. - June 12, 2019
Porsche 356A Speedster 1957
First-time Turo user who only drives modern automatics, renting Adrien’s Porsche for boyfriend’s 36th bday - Adrien was super friendly, patient, and helpful from the get-go. He really does respond almost instantly. Since I was renting for my bf and not myself, I wasn’t sure how it would work and Adrien walked me through it. He’s also super flexible - the night before, my bf and I got back late from Seattle so didn’t wake up as early as originally anticipated. The car is exactly as described and my bf had a unique, unforgettable experience. It was also very tiring! I learned a lot today that gave even me, as just a passenger, a deep new appreciation for modern cars: there was no power steering back then and that’s why driving was more of a profession then. It also took some work to fill up and that’s probably why full service gas stations existed more also! I also learned that driving shoes and gloves were a thing back then (my bf had to drive with his shoes off) and realized why you often saw women back then with headscarves! With no A/C and the wind in your hair, you end up with the kind of blow-out you don’t want. We took 280 down to Palo Alto, took Page Mill to Russian Ridge Preserve, turned around and took Skyline/Hwy 35 to 92 W to Half Moon Bay and then back up Hwy 1 to Adrien’s. I only wish we spent more time/took more photos in Half Moon Bay - what a gorgeous day for a drive! PS don’t forget the sunglasses and layers as you leave SF for anywhere sunnier and/or windier! There was sunblock in the passenger door pouch that I only discovered towards the end of the day (not sure if left by other renter or if Adrien supplies.
Christina T. - June 24, 2019
Porsche 356A Speedster 1957
Awesome experience. Adrien is super responsive and was flexible with our needs.
Atif I. - April 29, 2019
Porsche 356A Speedster 1957
As advertised. Such a hassle with all the people giving thumbs up as I am driving
Eric D. - May 4, 2019
Porsche 356A Speedster 1957
Unbelievable car. Gorgeous, well maintained, a blast to drive. Adrien is a super host as well! Flexible and responsive. Will definitely drive again.
Edward D. - June 1, 2019
Porsche 356A Speedster 1957
The entire process was a breeze and Adrien’s car is amazing!
Christopher C. - July 15, 2019
Porsche 356A Speedster 1957
What an awesome little car. Pickup and return were super easy. Adrien was great to communicate with. Talk about a head turner. Tons of thumbs up and waves. Made for a great day for my son and I driving down the PCH. Car ran great from start to finish. Highly recommend!! Thanks again Adrien!!
Jeff P. - July 17, 2019
Porsche 356A Speedster 1957
Adrien was great, very flexible, good communication and the car was so much fun! I can highly recommend it
Andrej K. - June 28, 2019